Sub-Contract Metal Finishing

In addition to our precision presswork, we offer sub-contract metal finishing services, including decorative plating and industrial finishing.

Leonardt can provide the following:

Surface Preparations:

  • Polishing
  • De-burring
  • De-greasing
  • De-scaling
  • High G polishing
  • Shot blasting

Bulk/ Barrel Plating:

  • Barrel nickel - bright, ductile, excellent crimping characteristics.
  • Barrel copper - aids corrosion resistance when used as a barrier layer on steel prior to nickel. On die casts provides an under coat for nickel. Antique finishes.
  • Barrel brass - cost effective alternative to gold.
  • Barrel gold - effective layer of gold plating - hard wearing.
  • Zinc plating - high quality to a given specification.
  • Barrel tin cobalt - cost-effective alternative to rack chrome.

Rack plating:

  • Nickel - bright, ductile, excellent crimping characteristics
  • Chrome - trivalent (a safer option to hexavalent)
  • Gold - 18ct, can be used as an under coat to 23.5ct, 2n and 3n gold plate.

Special Finishes:

  • Electroless nickel - highly wear-resistant coating, where accuracy and uniformity are required. Can be heat-treated for extra hardness. Good adhesion.
  • Barrel satin finishes - nickel/ chrome/ gold - cost-effective alternatives to corresponding rack finishes.
  • Black oxide finish - hard-wearing black finish on copper or brass.
  • Antique copper/ brass/ nickel - black oxide finished relieved back until correct finish is achieved.
  • Anti-tarnish - applied to brass and antique finishes to increase longevity.
  • Gilt on stainless steel - special part gilding system on stainless steel components.
  • Silver - barrel silver plate, bright and decorative.
  • NEW! White Bronze Plating - when nickel free finishing is required.



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