Tender Opportunity November 2018

Background – Leonardt Ltd specialise in precision presswork and subcontract finishing in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.
A recent business review has identified the need for a new energy efficient LED lighting system to reduce energy consumption and cost.
Opportunity – The company currently operate a lighting system comprising of fluorescent tubes with some areas already converted to LED. We are looking to replace the inefficient lighting with a new LED lighting system incorporating motion sensor controls.
Proposals to include prices for supply, installation and commissioning.
Site visits if required can be arranged with the project manager detailed below
Capability – Suppliers are invited to provide the most cost effective and energy efficient solution. Examples of similar installations undertaken in the past three years to demonstrate capability to design, install and commission this project.
Selection Criteria – The contract will be awarded to the most cost-effective tender that meets the requirements of the company and can be delivered within the planned timescales.
Payment Terms – Payment will be made in stages and agreed as part of the contract discussions. Anticipated payment terms to be included in the prospective supplier’s quotation.
Cost – To be stipulated in the prospective supplier’s quotation
• Completed tenders to be received by the companies Project Manager vial email no later than 12:00 noon on the 22nd November 2018.
• Project timing plan to be included in prospective suppliers tender. Timing plan to be agreed as part of contract negotiations.

Project Manager: Paul Meredith
Email: paul.meredith@leonardt.com