Plant List

Power Press

1 X Hme  55t

3 X Sweeney 20t

1 X Sweeney 35t

2 X Worcester 6t

1 X Hme 40t

2 X Hme 20t

1 X Cva 25t

Various Sweeney 6t – 20t

High Speed

2 X Bruderer 25t

6 X Bruderer 30t


Transfer Machines

2 X Platarg 6t

4 X Schroeder & Bauer 10t


Wire Formers

Various – Forming 0.70mm Dia To 5.89mm Dia

Including MRP’s

Single Action

From Manual Hand Press To 150t Spinning


Auto & Manual Assembly


Tool Design  /  Manufacture

2d Design

3d Delcam




CNC Milling

Die Sinks